Get Inclusive at School

Primary school is often the first encounter with formal learning for many children. The first years in education are vitally important; every day children are learning, developing and discovering what they can - and in some cases can't - do. For primary schools, providing and sustaining an inclusive learning environment for all your pupils is essential, especially when many of your learners needs are yet to be officially diagnosed or "statemented".

Our innovative accessibility software Include Me was designed especially for schools. It's easy to use, easy to teach with and it's easy to maintain. Include Me creates inclusive learning environments.

As children progress and move into secondary school their experiences of learning and their attainment will play a big role in shaping early adulthood. Secondary school is a time is where students develop their specialist subject skills and interests. As a school you need to make sure that the learning environment you are providing is as inclusive as possible.

During their time with you students experience many different teachers and teaching styles; the number of different types of learning materials is vast. Your teachers and teaching assistants are the educational experts, but meeting the differing speech, language and communications needs of a class of up to 30 lively children can be challenging.

Our innovative accessibility software Include Me was designed especially for schools. It’s easy to use, easy to teach with and it’s easy to maintain. Include Me creates inclusive learning environments.

Read Text Aloud

Web content is read out to users in a natural voice, adding an audio dimension to a website. Our text reader also makes PDFs and Word documents accessible by reading them aloud.

Full Dictionary

Use the full English dictionary on any website, application or document to retrieve
a concise definition complete with synonyms.


Our homophone checker identifies words within your document that sound the same but can have different meanings. It helps you choose the right word replacement by offering a list of suitable alternatives complete with a dictionary definition of each.

Phonetic Speller

Our phonetic speller identifies even the most unusual spellings, which regular spell-checkers would not recognise. Choose from a list of the most appropriate spelling corrections to select the correct replacement word for your document.

More Features

Why your school should choose Include Me

  • Include Me is an innovative software solution that makes documents and applications accessible to pupils with SEND with an easy to use toolbar.
  • Whether the children in your school have dyslexia, moderate learning difficulties or English as a second language, the Include Me toolbar allows learners to chose how information is displayed and use some of the features to make the content more accessible. Any child in your school can change the font type or colour contrast, use the phonetic speller or dictionary or convert text to speech, all at the click of a button.
  • We offer an affordable annual licence with no restrictions on the number of users.
  • Cloud-based technology that works no matter what operating system or hardware your school uses – it also updates automatically, so you’ll always have the most current version.