Smarter working software

We’re all asked to work harder, faster and smarter. Include Me is an innovative software that enables your workforce to do that. Our Cloud based technology overcomes most of the accessibility barriers your workforce experiences on a daily basis. 

With Include Me your employees can personalise the settings on documents, digital content and websites to suit their own preferences and access requirements. It’s smarter working software.

Do you really know your workforce?

There are apporximately 12 million disabled people in the UK

There are apporximately 12 million disabled people in the UK

Around 15% of the population has dyslexia

Around 15% of the population has dyslexia

1 in 30 people has a visual impairment

1 in 30 people has a visual impairment

8% of the UK speaks English as an additional language

8% of the UK speaks English as an additional language

Inclusion drives productivity

An inclusive workplace is a more productive workplace. It’s a little known fact that everyone has an optimal colour combination for reading. Simply by changing the colour settings on your computer you could increase the reading speed of your workforce by up to 20%. Imagine how productive your business would become if you could Include Me’s full range of functions to your workforce. It’s faster working software.

How Include Me works

Our integrated toolbar provides a wide range of easy-to-use accessibility and language features for your employees. The features include:

Read Text Aloud

Web content is read out to users in a natural voice, adding an audio dimension to a website. Our text reader also makes PDFs and Word documents accessible by reading them aloud.

Full Dictionary

Use the full English dictionary on any website, application or document to retrieve
a concise definition complete with synonyms.


Our homophone checker identifies words within your document that sound the same but can have different meanings. It helps you choose the right word replacement by offering a list of suitable alternatives complete with a dictionary definition of each.

Phonetic Speller

Our phonetic speller identifies even the most unusual spellings, which regular spell-checkers would not recognise. Choose from a list of the most appropriate spelling corrections to select the correct replacement word for your document.

Include Me is really simple to access and is compatible with all operating systems and devices. Whether your workforce is hot-desking or working remotely, it’s harder working software.

More Features

How we can help your business

  • Our software is flexible and adaptable. Include Me is Cloud based and works wherever your employees need it to work for them – on a PC or laptop, hot-desk or remote workstation.
  • Our team of developers and advisers are there to help improve your organisation’s digital inclusion. Include Me is quick and easy to access across Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Our software solution transforms the accessibility of your working environment. Include Me offers you a full range of dyslexia software, text to speech functionality, translation into 52 languages, a document reader, an audio MP3 creator and much more in one cost-effective solution.